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A collection of all my articles relating to lament and the Book of Lamentations.

Fire has devoured the pastures of the wilderness

I still miss Mack so very much. It has been almost two years and I try to imagine how big he would be, what he would be doing now, would he be struggling in school? or be sailing along like his sister at that age. Would he even still like soccer? We simply will never know. Grief goes on, forever before me, like wandering in a desert, in circles. Today’s morning prayer had a reading […]

All Souls’ Day and Our Hope of the Resurrection

Today is All Souls’ Day, not celebrated by most Protestants, but as my wife noted this morning, when you have lost someone very close and dear you begin to view such things differently. I still do not believe in Purgatory and recognize that much of the traditions of All Souls or “The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed” began with praying for the dead, in an effort to speed their journey from Purgatory to heaven. I do […]

“The Lord almighty grant us a peaceful night and a perfect end.”

Of the Daily Offices I have always appreciated most Compline. It is the prayers at the end of the day and were written at a time when people were far more conscious of the fact that any day might be the end of this worldly life for them. Most of us, in the developed world at least, don’t think about death until it is thrust upon us. I think this is one reason why so […]

Morning by morning?

In the late 80s early 90s I read a bunch of Chaim Potok’s works, his famous books about young Jewish men growing up in a modernizing world. He came to speak at Wheaton College when I was there as a grad student. For those who do not know, Potok was a Jewish chaplain during the Korean war, and his first book not about Jewish subjects, I Am the Clay, came out about that time. I […]

What is it to light a candle?

My wife has recently written about the fact that when we travel and there are churches or cathedrals to visit, we light a candle for Mack. We have done this since last summer, the summer after he passed. There are usually hundreds of candles burning there. People light them for many reasons: as a memorial, a petition to God (or in the Catholic Churches to one of the saints) or thanksgiving for a prayer answered. […]

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

I have debated for more than a year whether I should share my thoughts on Psalm 22 with you. They feel selfish, even when I know they are not. This past week my good friend Dr. Rick Wright shared his reflection on Psalm 22, the first of the “last seven words of Christ,” and I feel I can share my thoughts as well. Over the last 16 months of have often thought about the moment […]

Infinite and beautiful

My wife receives the daily meditation from the Henri Nuewen Society. She shared this morning’s with me and I thought I would pass it along. It is especially poignant, not just for our own continued grieving process, but this week we are remembering a young student who died last week, just shy of graduating with honors. Please keep the Breen family in your thoughts and prayers. Wednesday March 19, 2014 The Infinite Value of Life […]


Candlemas or The Presentation of Jesus

February 2 is the celebration of the purification of Mary after the birth of Jesus and his presentation at the Temple Luke 2:22-39. The passage also presents two prophetic statements, one from a man, Simeon, and one from a woman, Anna (although Anna’s specific words are not given, we are simply told, “At that moment she came, and began to praise God and to speak about the child to all who were looking for the […]

8th Birthday

The Passage of Time

Time is such an odd thing. It is, in a very real sense, relative and yet it is clearly measurable. I remember how long December 1-25 seemed to last when I was a child and yet today years go by so quickly I can hardly separate one Christmas or birthday from another. This year has gone by surprisingly fast in some moments and painfully slow in others. How we measure time is curious as well. […]