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New (old) Library of Congress Photos

I have mentioned before that the LoC is posting some of their photographic holdings to Flickr as they are scanned. Today saw the release of a new batch. This one included photos of senators including these two from PA (my adopted state). The size difference is great (and great). Penrose is on the left and, at least according to Wiki, was quite the wit. Among other facts about his life Boies Penrose (November 1, 1860 […]

Minimalists should not create their own histories.

[This became long. I really hope you will read it all, but if you are short on time, skip to the last two paragraphs. Ta.] Dr. Claude Mariottini has a long post with a non-review of Mario Liverani’s Israel’s History and the History of Israel. (For those not following along, I say “non-review” since as part of Biblical Studies Writing Month Dr. Mariottini has written a thorough review to be published elsewhere.) In that post […]