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Adjusting in Aperture – The Golden Gate Bridge

I do promise that will return at some point to issues of biblical and rabbinic literature, religion, and academia. Writing coherent posts, however, takes a lot more time than I have had lately. Instead, I have been playing with iPhoto Mobile (for iOS devices) and Aperture as a way for me to unwind in the evening. I have been traveling a lot and taking pictures as I go so this has been a way […]

In Pennsylvania it’s the year of the Bible

October 20, 2018 – I should thank the “ex-Christian” who recently linked to this post in her example of Bishop Nathan Baxter’s “hurting heart” as an example of “a virtue-signaling phrase.” If you are new, welcome! This is my personal blog. I am a scholar of ancient Hebrew and Jewish literature and a Christian. Most recently I am working on issues relating to suffering (and grace). Feel free to look around and comment!  

Red Rock Canyon, NV

Red Rock Canyon, NV, a set on Flickr. This week I am traveling on university business. We were able to carve out two hours yesterday morning to go to Red Rock Canyon, just west of Las Vegas. I learned a lot about photographing landscape yesterday. Not sure what, but a lot. Some interesting points: fisheye lenses don’t really have much of an effect on a wide vista; on a windy day you need to weight […]