Red Rock Canyon, NV

Early morningSunrise
Morning ShadowLayers

Red Rock Canyon, NV, a set on Flickr.

This week I am traveling on university business. We were able to carve out two hours yesterday morning to go to Red Rock Canyon, just west of Las Vegas. I learned a lot about photographing landscape yesterday. Not sure what, but a lot.

Some interesting points: fisheye lenses don’t really have much of an effect on a wide vista; on a windy day you need to weight down your tripod, and there is no substitute for just taking pictures and reviewing what you did. Next time I want to be able to actually hike up into the mountains. Yesterday we had to content ourselves with simply being at a distance.

Many thanks to my colleague for bearing with me as I changed lenses and tried different shots. And ever more thanks to my friend who lent me his fisheye and ultra-wide angle lenses. So much fun!Now off to San Francisco! Stay turned for more to come.

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