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Accordance on the iPad

In order to make sure I have access to my files and programs on the road I set up VNC on my office MacPro. This is all built in to the MacOS (and Win XP and 7 I believe) but not into the iPad. After much deliberation I purchased iTeleport for $24.99. Wow! Very cool. It takes a bit of getting used to because your finger is working like a mouse rather than as in […]

Solger MS of TgLam

Targum: Preserving “God’s Word”

In the comments on my previous post Joel asked about the origins of the “theologizing” in Targum Ruth. This morning he further commented, I’m just now getting into 2nd Temple lit, but the Targums fascinate me, especially as a tradition in which a traditional text was developed for a specific purpose and accepted without what we know of today as reactionary calls of ‘changing God’s word.’ Joel brings up some good points about Targum. (A […]