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iPad for Content Creation

What is the iPad really for? Mac pundit Leo Laporte says that it is an “appliance,” a device for consuming content like music and videos, rather than for creating content. At this moment, having an iPad two weeks after its initial release, I would say that he is 70% correct. Or rather than the iPad is currently predominantly for the consumption of media and it does that almost perfectly, right out of the chute. But […]

iPad on the Road

This morning I hit the road for Dallas, TX for the Apple Education Leadership Summit. It is the first real workout that the iPad has had and the first time I have had a few moments free to blog. There is much I would like to say about the iPad and the conference (our keynote speaker was Malcolm Gladwell), but here are a few comments about the iPad as a travel device for the time […]

Special SBL session: E-Publish or Perish

I have finalized our session for Aramaic Studies, which you can see below. I will actually be giving two papers relating to biblioblogging. (I think I might go back to Biblicablogs. I like that term myself. Anyone else have views on that?) The first will be part of the Blogger and Online Publication section, “Online Biblical Studies: Past, Present, Promise, and Peril.” The other will be part of another session being developed by SBL publications […]

What I have always known

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: Percolator: The Trustworthiness of Beards A study finds that men with beards are more credible. Even my students could tell you that. Apparently, however, “men with beards were slightly less effective than smooth-cheeked fellows in underwear advertisements.” I probably could have told you that as well.  

The iPad arrived!

This week has been crazy. We were out of town this weekend so when the UPS dude called on Saturday morning to say that he couldn’t find our office (I said I thought they would deliver it on Monday since it was a business address) and he offered to take it to my house I said, “Unfortunately I am out of town with my family.” My family cried out! “Unfortunately?!” Well, you know what I […]

iPhone GPS, Speakers, and Apps

In deliberating about purchasing the iPad I took the time to think through use cases, considering when and how I use technology on the road, when researching, and in the classroom. Looking backwards rather than forwards I thought I would share with you some of the ways in which I use my iPhone and the gadgets and apps that make it more useful for me. Speakers/Speakerphone A while ago I posted my rather inexpensive solution […]

Ethical? UPS and iPad delivery shenanigans

As most of you know I have ordered an iPad and like all the other 250,000+ early adopters I am eagerly awaiting my delivery. On Monday I received notice of shipment from Apple and it showed the shipment had left China. By Tuesday at noon UPS said that it was in Louisville, KY and by midnight it was in State College, PA. Great! I knew that Apple would likely make arrangements with UPS to keep […]