The iPad arrived!

This week has been crazy. We were out of town this weekend so when the UPS dude called on Saturday morning to say that he couldn’t find our office (I said I thought they would deliver it on Monday since it was a business address) and he offered to take it to my house I said, “Unfortunately I am out of town with my family.” My family cried out! “Unfortunately?!” Well, you know what I meant.

So on Monday morning the iPad arrived! I have not had much time to play or blog since I have been on the road…again. But last night I joined my brother and Tony Pittman on Real Tech 31 – iPad First Impressions.

I don’t have much time this morning but here is a quick summary of my views (listen to the podcast for more):

  • Any media looks gorgeous on here. Download the free Marvel comic app, for example. Wow!
  • Typing is fine, it really is, even with my fat fingers.
  • BibleReader for the iPad is wonderful!
  • Pages is just OK. I can take notes with no problems BUT it cannot open RTF files. Really?! Weak sauce.
  • And as I predicted – No Hebrew support (hopefully coming since it is in the iPhone) and PDF use is weak as well. For reading PDFs, however, I was directed to GoodReader. Very nice and only 99¢ right now.

Finally, just for fun, here is my main homepage. (The image is my own and I think looks gorgeous on this screen. You can download it and others from my flickr account.)

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