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Happy ValenTEA!

My gorgeous and wonderful bride gave this tea-totaller1 a wonderful Valentine’s Day present of the Ingenuitea Teapot. It is very clever and so far works a treat! (And for the record, I brought her back Fazermint Chocolate Creams from Europe.)   Let’s be clear, I enjoy a good brandy, Pims, and G&T. I just don’t drink coffee anymore. [↩]

iPad, iPhone 4 apps and accessories

I have had my iPad for a few months now and my iPhone 4 for a few weeks so I thought I would share a few tips, apps, and accessories that I have found useful.1 First for the iPad. Cases I started out with Apple iPad Case which I found to be very nice. It is a soft microfiber that is completely form fitting, which is very nice since it does not add any substantial […]

iPhone GPS, Speakers, and Apps

In deliberating about purchasing the iPad I took the time to think through use cases, considering when and how I use technology on the road, when researching, and in the classroom. Looking backwards rather than forwards I thought I would share with you some of the ways in which I use my iPhone and the gadgets and apps that make it more useful for me. Speakers/Speakerphone A while ago I posted my rather inexpensive solution […]

It is just a rumor.

Kindle, the best ebook reader?

As Andy Ihnatko pointed out in his Chicago Sun Times article, eBook readers are all the rage this holiday season. I have been slow to this party for one main reason: iPod Touch/iPhone. Ever since I received an iPod Touch last December I have been happy reading books on the device (and my iPhone of course supplanted the Touch). The size has never been an issue for me since I started reading texts on my […]

Gloves for using your iPhone or iPod

Last week the kids were sledding and I while I did not take my DSLR with me for fear of harming it, I did have my iPhone. I took some nice little videos and I was quite pleased with a few of the pictures. One drawback? My right hand was frozen at the end of play time! So onto my Christmas wish list goes these babies, Tavo Gloves with Playpoint Technology. Of course I am […]