Gloves for using your iPhone or iPod 5

Last week the kids were sledding and I while I did not take my DSLR with me for fear of harming it, I did have my iPhone. I took some nice little videos and I was quite pleased with a few of the pictures. One drawback? My right hand was frozen at the end of play time! So onto my Christmas wish list goes these babies, Tavo Gloves with Playpoint Technology. Of course I am told that there are some crafty folks figuring out how to make such gloves themselves, but for those of us who are digitally challenged, Tavo may be the best choice.



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5 thoughts on “Gloves for using your iPhone or iPod

    • Chris Brady Post author

      Why would I be joking? I use my iPhone while sledding and skiing (taking pictures, listening to music, making a call in an emergency) and right now I have to take my glove off in order to use it since the screen is conductive, requiring the touch of your skin; the threads in the tip of these gloves allow that conduction to occur.

      So why should it be so surprising that I should want such a thing?

  • steph

    sorry I shouldn’t leave cheeky comments… as someone who, down under, has always lived on the smell of an oily rag, off the land, that sort of thing, I’ve always avoided (and often ignored) things like this. They need upgrading, they need accessories… I’ve never had a dinky phone but I did have a landline, and still do here. At one stage I didn’t always have electricity or even running water. Of course getting a computer (and learning how to use it) was a bit of a letdown to myself.

    I was just being naughty – sorry. But there – now you can make fun of me! 🙂