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Indiana Jones and the Manger of Stone

One of our graduate students sent this along (his own creation). I think there is a deeper theological truth here than first meets the eye. It affirms the long suppressed True Gospel of Indy that states, “A lo! This day is born to you a savior. This savior is but the corporeal form of The Secret that must be stolen, taken with great care and daring, then clutched to one’s bosom. There will be those […]

Gloves for using your iPhone or iPod

Last week the kids were sledding and I while I did not take my DSLR with me for fear of harming it, I did have my iPhone. I took some nice little videos and I was quite pleased with a few of the pictures. One drawback? My right hand was frozen at the end of play time! So onto my Christmas wish list goes these babies, Tavo Gloves with Playpoint Technology. Of course I am […]

My guest appearance on “Get the Next_____”

My brother Steve Brady and his colleague (and fellow Penn State alumnus) Tony Pittman have a technology podcast called “Get the Next____” It is part of Tony’s Real Tech for Real People site. You can find it on iTunes here. It is Episode 15 which is not up yet, but it was a wide ranging conversation that covered an hour an half. Topics included selecting a basic notebook computer, ways to save energy, Droid, iPhone, […]