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What does the Book of Ruth teach us?

“…the book of Ruth, an idle, bungling story, foolishly told, nobody knows by whom about a strolling country girl creeping slily to bed to her cousin Boaz. Pretty stuff indeed to be called the word of God! It is, however, one of the best books in the Bible, for it is free from murder and rapine.” -Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason Part II (London, 1795), p. 23. “This scroll tells us nothing of cleanliness […]

Feelin’ chickens, feelin’ good!

My wife suggested the title. I used to introduce the myself by saying that I was a state champion chicken feeler (since that is part of how you tell if a hen is producing eggs, by seeing how “open” the vent is). But just for fun I thought you might like to see the slides that I put together for my talk. All the images came from Flickr and are being used under Creative Commons […]

Bibliobloggers Bulletin Board

James McGrath has suggested that we post contact information under “B” for Bibliobloggers at SBL. I think it is a great idea! How about the first person there posts a “Bibliobloggers” note/sign and then the rest of us can put our contact info below that? I am happy to share my cell openly, since you can find it online if you try: 814-321-2929. (I feel like Jason Calacanis! Perhaps I should twitter my number as […]