Mild political related rant we lived in England (over 10 years ago now) one of the things that I found so amusing was the almost amateurish looking political press conference. The main element of which was the big backdrop with the name of the party and the issue du jour repeated endlessly across it in dubious colors. (I cannot find a good picture right now from the UK, the one on the right will have to do.)

Now these banners have become a fixture of this year’s presidential election. Again, I had a tough time finding a good example, well, a bad example. Below is a reasonable example. The blue is a good color and it tells everyone, no matter the angle, who is hosting the event. But many are hideous. Remember McCain in front of the green banner in New Orleans the night that Obama clinched his candidacy? I can’t find that online either.

McCain Calls Plans to Withdraw From Iraq, 'Reckless'

What brought this on was watching Keith Olbermann (I know, I am a glutton for punishment) interviewing Krugman who is Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School. The Tigers have a lovely *ahem* orange and black repetitive background and I nearly got a headache from watching Krugman (as opposed to the headache from listening to him or reading his oped pieces). And guess what! I can find a picture of this.

I realize this is a very petty little rant. But is bothering me. Next thing you know we will be wearing plaid polyester and watching Saturday Night Fever. It all seems so retro to me. Perhaps the new politcal advisors have just spent too much time shopping in Old Navy.

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