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Mild political related rant

When we lived in England (over 10 years ago now) one of the things that I found so amusing was the almost amateurish looking political press conference. The main element of which was the big backdrop with the name of the party and the issue du jour repeated endlessly across it in dubious colors. (I cannot find a good picture right now from the UK, the one on the right will have to do.) Now […]

Oh sweet nectar of life! Root beer…

I am a root beer lover. I have never tried to make it, although tempting, but I love me a good, cold mug of root beer. The NY Times has a great article on this elixir of the gods. WHAT is it about root beer? Photo: Stacey Cramp for The New York Times A NICE NOSE? Ryan Trirett tastes Sea Dog root beer, made by the Shipyard Brewing Company in Maine. No soft drink incites […]

Midday prayers at USNA challenged by ACLU

From the Chronicle of Higher Education News Blog: ACLU Complains About Noon-Meal Prayers at Naval Academy The American Civil Liberties Union announced today that it had asked the U.S. Naval Academy to discontinue its longstanding requirement that all midshipmen attend prayers at the daily noon meal. … In a letter sent to Naval Academy officials on May 2, Deborah A. Jeon, legal director for the ACLU of Maryland, argues that the academy’s practice violates students’ “religious […]