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We have lost our faith.

I was invited to preach at an all-campus service at the beginning of the semester. It was amazing to see the big auditorium in the student union completely filled. It was wonderful. It was incredibly encouraging. As I mention at the beginning of the sermon, I believe a preacher should be bringing the message that the congregation needs to hear and that is difficult when you are not regularly in that communion. This was a gathering of […]

The Third Annual Mack Brady Game

Men’s Soccer Hosts Mack Brady Game vs. No. 10 Indiana I don’t know what I can say. It is the third annual, that means Mack left us almost three years ago and we miss him every day. But every day we are aware of and grateful for all the support that we have received since that endless New Year’s Eve night. The soccer community, GKU – the Goalkeepers Union, the Penn State family, have all […]

Survive – Living Beyond Adversity

UPDATE: The video is now up. This is the lecture I gave for the 20th Annual Mark Luchinsky Lecture. I will be posting the video, or at least the audio and slides, on our college’s YouTube channel this weekend. In the meantime, here are my scripted remarks, I departed occasionally from them, but the core concepts are here. From the opening remarks: Tonight we recognize the anniversary of Mark Allan Luchinsky’s passing on January 18, 1995 […]

Third Annual Mack Brady Clinic

The Third Annual Mack Brady Clinic is in the books and it was a wonderful evening. Eighty-nine children 12 and under took part, the Penn State Men’s team and coaches made it possible, and the parents, of course, who are always there for their kids. Thank you all! Please head over to Mack’s site for the complete gallery, but this little fellow melted my heart. He told us he wants to “be a goalie like […]

Support #PennStateFutbol and the Mack Fund!

In case you are not following We are one week away from the Annual Mack Brady Game with Penn State’s Men’s Soccer program! This year it will be on September 21st at 1 pm against Ohio State University. We have some special events planned before and after the game. Please feel free to share the attached flyer and/or this post to get the word out to as many people in the region as possible! […]