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Bad lessons from good movies

Wired’s Geek Dad has a Top 10 list that I have often thought about, “Top 10 Bad Messages From Good Movies.” I actually don’t agree with everything on his list, but his #2 is one that I have often asserted, albeit from a slightly different angle. (His take is below.) I despise The Little Mermaid because it is fundamentally a story about a girl who throws a tantrum and does whatever she wants, jeopardizing the […]

Review of Up, the new Pixar film

As I mentioned yesterday this weekend we took the kids to see the new Pixar film Up. (I could have sworn there was an exclamation mark after the title, Up!) I have stated often that I am a huge fan of Pixar films, but I am a fan of “childrens” films in general. What has always made Pixar films stand out, and in the best traditions of such films as Dumbo and the Jungle Book,  […]

Buy n Large

I saw WALL•E with my son yesterday evening (we had a boys weekend since the girls were in NYC watching ballet with Grandmommy). I may comment further on it later, but a couple of points. WALL•E boots up to the sound of a Macintosh chime. The Apple connections are always aplenty. (BTW, in one of the first scenes as WALL•E cleans up keep your eyes peeled for a vehicle from another Pixar film.) Buy n […]

Prince Caspian

We just saw the movie and I thought I would jot a few thoughts down. First, they took great liberties with the story, but as a movie it was very, very good. Second, I am not sure how many liberties they took; I am going to have to go back and reread the book (and I just read it to my daughter last month!). And finally, Eddie Izzard as Reepiceep was bwrilliant! I just came […]

From Jim: Harry Potter in 5 Seconds

I usually try not to simply forward things from other people’s posts, but this one is too good not to include. Thanks Jim! All The Harry Potter Movies in 5 Seconds That should save you some time.   And it’s funny too!!!  Thanks to Alastair for pointing this YouTube thing out (on Facebook- which reminds me, as an aside, if you make use of Facebook you should add me… I only have a few friends. Even […]

Bridge to Terabithia: Chattaway’s interview with Paterson

I loved Bridge to Terabithia when I read it in elementary school, but I never want to read it again. If you don’t know the ending, I won’t spoil it for you, but I cried, oh man did I cry. That isn’t exactly going to endear a boy to other 4th grade boys. Now a movie is out and it is getting great reviews. In fact, I don’t want to see the movie either, but […]

Amazing Grace: The Movie

UPDATE: Ben Witherington has a review on his blog. He loved it! So I am looking forward to seeing it when it comes out. (And wondering how BW gets to see these earlier than the rest of us.) BW also adds some nice historical information. Once bit: What one needs to know about Wilberforce is that it might never have happened because Wilberforce was torn between becoming a Christian minister and being a politician. He […]