Prince Caspian 2

We just saw the movie and I thought I would jot a few thoughts down. First, they took great liberties with the story, but as a movie it was very, very good. Second, I am not sure how many liberties they took; I am going to have to go back and reread the book (and I just read it to my daughter last month!). And finally,

Eddie Izzard as Reepiceep was bwrilliant!

I just came across this review (which panned the movie) with this “delicious”1 quote:

In this new, overwrought “Narnia,” we get villainous invaders known as Telmarines, who look like the fugitive offspring of the Spaniards in “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.”

He obviously didn’t read the book or listen to Aslan at the end of the movie either. They are the “fugitive offspring of the Spaniards” from Elizabeth’s day!

  1. When I was in NYC I heard this term used by many to describe everything from someone’s boss to a building. The food, on the other hand, was described as “intelligent” and “engaging.” []

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2 thoughts on “Prince Caspian

  • Steve

    The quote that I find most telling (about the reviewer, not the movie) is this:

    The trouble is Tolkien was the far superior writer. His “Lord of the Rings” clangs with Anglo-Saxon music. In contrast, Lewis’ unadorned sentences are light beer indeed.

    The reviewer may have a preference, but he certainly doesn’t have a sense of literature. To say C.S. Lewis’ writing is light beer, based simply on books written specifically for children is, well… light beer–indeed. (and if you know me, you know I believe light beer is not beer…)