How was your course review? 4

strip for May / 19 / 2008

RealLife by Greg Dean. A great strip, for those who enjoy webcomics and don’t know his work, by all means bookmark it now!

(BTW I forgot to hand out my evaluation forms to my students…)


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4 thoughts on “How was your course review?

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Honest, I forgot! It was a class that met once a week and, given my schedule, I ended up missing the penultimate class when they were supposed to be filled out. (I neglected to give them to my grad assistant.) Interestingly enough, last time I checked (just checked again), there have been no updates in a while. Most of the reviews were decent. Now…to look up Getz…Wow! You even have a hotness rating. *bows to greatness*

  • Drew

    I did that as well. Since I report to the dean though, I had to figure out a way for them to complete the forms anyway. But it’s all good since they know how awesome I am 😉