‘2 Years On’ and who can stand it?

NOLA Skyline

I have been too busy to blog regularly, but I should not let the Second Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina go past. Below is my wife’s comments from her blog The Unlikely Missionary and she points out the importance of positive remembrance.

Elizabeth’s words speak better than any I could muster:

I spoke to a friend in New Orleans this afternoon who left work early to go home and drink. She was so overwhelmed and depressed by the relentless “2 Years On” footage and anger she couldn’t function anymore.

What are we remembering by watching the footage, the trauma of that time? When a loved one passes away do we remember them by watching tapes of their bypass surgery? Or, do we watch video of the beautiful times? Photos of them healthy and alive, the way they would want to be remembered.

For me, I remember the strangest most exotic sensation of sitting in the French Quarter watching the tops of the cruise ships glide by. Because, lest we should forget, the city is 20 feet below sea level you actually have to walk up a few flight of stairs to see the Mississippi River. Once you are up on the River Walk there is usually a solo sax player and if you look to the right, the Crescent City Connection is lit up and there might even be a breeze along the river.

Just remembering you today, New Orleans.

I also wanted to remind folks of the interview I did with Karen Swensen, former CBS anchor from New Orleans (and PSU alumna) who remained in NOLA during the storm and immediately after. It is a very moving story. Let us celebrate the lives of the past while building for the future.

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