Busy, busy days

I have not had time to post in several weeks. I am encouraged and more than a bit humbled to see how many folks are still checking in daily and I apologize for not providing new content. Once we get past this week, however, I should be posting more regularly (and perhaps more than some would like!).

I ate it. I have not been lazy in this time, however! I was in NYC for 3 days helping to review a college in the City. While there I had dinner with an old college friend of mine, which was a wonderful evening although I still can’t say that I like octopus.

I returned to campus in time for finals, theses, and preparations for graduation. jm_award.jpg As a college that grants an degree notation (even though not the degree itself) a lot of work goes in to making sure transcripts, GPA, forms, and theses are in order for graduation. The work isn’t done by me, mind you, but it is done. That means that some students inevitably were short on one of those items. It is always the most stressful time of the year for our staff and our students. It is also the time of year when I spend the most time in a "pastoral" role, helping students and parents cope with transition and in some cases severe disappointment that they will not in fact be able to graduate with honors. It is all worth it in the end, however when the students march across the stage to receive their medal. Friday was a wonderful day!

This week our new students are on campus for their testing, class placement, and course scheduling so Tuesday and Wednesday have us hosting over 300 students and their parents. This is always fun, as the students can’t wait for August to be here, but also a bit nerve wracking for some of the parents as they begin to realize their child will be leaving home. The Creamery ice-cream helps the transition.

8515EE12-CE6F-496A-98C0-70CF7947F713.jpg One bit of fun for me is the acquisition of a new toyl, a 15.4" MacBook Pro. I had a 17" PowerBook before coming to PSU and found the 13" MacBook adequate but I really missed the features of the pro machine and the power. The keyboard is great (and lights up in the dark!) and the self-adjusting LED backlight display is gorgeous. The extra screen real estate is great when working with Accordance.

So now I am ready to get into the summer and get some academic writing done! I will be posting about my research as I go along. It will include more work on Lamentations, Targum Ruth and the Megillot. In the meantime please enjoy John C. Dvorak’s Tech5 which will update every evening M-F and I will be posting more soon!

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