Christopher Heard’s First Article: “Hearing the Children’s Cries”

I hope that we can do more of this. I am still waiting for an unnamed (because I still want to publish with them 😉 ) publisher to grant me permission to post some of my articles.

“Hearing the Children’s Cries”

Ten years ago I published my first article in a significant scholarly journal, Semeia. A number of issues of Semeia are available online, either in the Society of Biblical Literature’s own Semeia archive (vols. 79–91, except for 82) or in the older RelTech archive (vols. 19 and 60–72). However, my article, “Hearing the Children’s Cries: Commentary, Deconstruction, Ethics, and the Book of Habakkuk,” was in volume 77, which is not in either archive. With the kind (and quick!) permission of the SBL publications office, I am pleased to now make this article freely available for your enjoyment and edification; just click on the link above.

(Via Higgaion.)

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