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You may have noticed new, red, and dashed links on the blog. If you hover over them you will see Amazon ads. I am trying out their Contextual Links ads. I don’t think they will be too intrusive, but by all means give me your feedback. Unless you have customized your browser, the links should all be red, so you may safely ignored those links if you wish. 🙂

We joined the Associates Program, for those interested, as part of promoting my wife’s novel, The Unlikely Missionary. I encourage you to visit her blog of the same name and purchase the book, if you are interested and would like to show the love.

Rick was asking about specifying exact matches. I am not convinced it will work, but you can set it in the Context Link Settings:
Contextual Links Settings


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2 thoughts on “Amazon Links

  • Richard Wright

    Chris, could you say a little more about how you *install* the code for this? I tried the Context Links Plugin for WordPress. So far the results are… erratic. Lord of the Rings? No link. Jesus take the wheel? Music link. Corpus Christi by Eric Mascall? A link – but to the same title by a different author. Dagnammit!

    I cannot figure out from “help” how to make a beautiful pop-up link but only to *exact* titles/results. Not this vague, “Hey here’s some random book we picked out about the Episcopal Church” jazz I’m getting so far.

    Or should I just try harder? 😉

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Hi Rick. I am using the “Amazon Context Links Ads” plugin by Patrick Chia. It is all pretty random, but you can specify “exact” in Context Link Settings. (See the update above.)

    There is one thing I think I have finally figure out, the links do not show up consistently on the main page for the blog because it changes too often. If I go to a post’s own page the links will show up.