My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me? 5

I have debated for more than a year whether I should share my thoughts on Psalm 22 with you. They feel selfish, even when I know they are not. This past week my good friend Dr. Rick Wright shared his reflection on Psalm 22, the first of the “last seven words of Christ,” and I […]

There’s Passion and then there is Passion

In Oxford, they seem unable to tell the difference. (We lived on Cowley Road for three years.) Oxford City Council apologises for cancelling Passion Play ‘it mistook for live sex show’ A council has apologised after it cancelled a Good Friday Passion Play because it thought it was a live sex show. Oxford City Council […]



How we should mourn 2

TLDR: I am not going to tell you how. I don’t know how you should mourn, but be sure to let others take the time they need. It is sad to me how many people feel the need and the right to tell others how they are to mourn. Certainly there are ways of coping and […]

What makes a strong marriage? 1

This morning I noticed this well-meaning quote in an image shared by a friend on Facebook. It is a quote from Ashley Willis (whatcha talkin’ ’bout?) who is apparently a person who should know about marriage. I am assuming, since I do not know who she is, but the quote is this: A strong marriage […]

Love and Peace in Utrecht


Infinite and beautiful

My wife receives the daily meditation from the Henri Nuewen Society. She shared this morning’s with me and I thought I would pass it along. It is especially poignant, not just for our own continued grieving process, but this week we are remembering a young student who died last week, just shy of graduating with […]

Solving NCAA Basketball 1 And Done

Posted in my blog for the Presidential Leadership Academy.  This week Mark Cuban “shocked” (shocked! I say!) the sports world by suggesting that the   NCAA and its players would be better served going to the developmental league than spending one year in college and then going into the draft. I first heard about it on Mike and Mike in the […]

100% NCAA graduation rate (71% federal)


International SBL – Hebrews Section 3

I am very pleased that my paper on 1 Macc 2 and Hebrews 11 has been accepted for International SBL this summer! It looks like a great pair of sessions on Hebrews. I also presented a draft of this paper on Tuesday at the PhD colloquium at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I have been […]

Internet Ethics 1

It starts, as it often does on my blog, with a Bizarro comic: It makes me think and wonder. On the one hand, it does seem that the last twenty years and the overwhelming success of the internet has brought about a change in our behavior, a move towards the unethical. Perhaps we need ‘internet […]


With friends like these...

Where shall we make our house, in Sheol? 1

I heard an excellent paper yesterday on Job. Unfortunately I missed the beginning due to meetings and so I did not have the full context, but there were a number of perceptive observations along the way. One that I took note of was a distinction he was making between “Death and death.” He talked briefly […]