Bridge to Terabithia: Chattaway’s interview with Paterson

I loved Bridge to Terabithia when I read it in elementary school, but I never want to read it again. If you don’t know the ending, I won’t spoil it for you, but I cried, oh man did I cry. That isn’t exactly going to endear a boy to other 4th grade boys. Now a movie is out and it is getting great reviews. In fact, I don’t want to see the movie either, but I will heartily recomend the book and film. Peter Chattaway, CT’s movie critic and Daniel Amos fan, interviewed the author. Deeper into Terabithia | Christianity Today The interview is brief but reveals some interesting insights. A snippet:

How does your Christian background inform the story?
I think C. S. Lewis said that a book cannot be what a writer is not. Who you are informs what you write on a very deep level. You reveal yourself whether you intend to or not. So you don’t signal that you’re a Christian; you write the story as well and as truthfully as you can because that’s how you glorify God, and you have to be true to the characters and who they are and how they talk. If it comes from a person who has a Christian hope and a Christian knowledge of grace, then I think hope and grace are going to infuse my work—not that I put them in, but because I can’t help having them there.

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