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The value of facebook: Reuniting old friends

My wife is a relative newcomer to facebook (I have been on since 2005). She has been drawn in by the fact that over the last three months or so many of our former high school friends have been joining up. As more friends have joined you of course find it actually working as a social network (those who promote “social networking” often forget that it helps to have “real” friends on the network in […]

On Facebook beware of imitations

This story was first forwarded to me by my brother and can be found at Squaredpeg.com which is a blog about higher ed recruitment. This afternoon the Chronicle of Higher Ed has picked up the story. Here is the gist of the story: Company Created Official-Looking ‘Class of 2013’ Facebook Groups for Hundreds of Colleges Anyone can create a Facebook group and make it appear to be something it’s not. Brad J. Ward reminded admissions officials […]