Facebook Dormancy

I posted this on Facebook earlier in the week. The account will remain open, but moribund. As I conclude, how nice it would be to go back to the days when we had robust discussion through our “Biblioblogs.”

I opened my account on Facebook in September of 2004, shortly after it launched. This was at the urging of some of my students, who suggested it would be a good way to engage with them. For me, Facebook was always first and foremost a tool of my trade, a way to stay in touch with students, recruit prospect students, and (as the demographics changed) to communicate with the parents of my students. My how it has all changed. 

In the intervening years family and old friends have joined. It has been wonderful to be back in touch and, often sadly, to hear updates on lives and losses. I am truly thankful for that aspect of FB and especially all those who have reached out to us after Mack died. 

Sadly, and I am not telling anyone anything they do not know, FB has become a megaphone for the worst in society as well. I will not belabor this point, other than to note that it is not simply amplifying our poor behavior and ill-considered ideas for all to see, but it is also actively shaping our society. And not in a good way. 

I will not be closing my FB account, I still need it for business purposes and you can contact me via Messenger, if you must (or better yet, email me cbrady@targuman.org), and my author page https://www.facebook.com/ChristianMMBrady will remain. I will repost essays, upcoming events, and opportunities that I think relevant to the author page. But my personal page is going dormant. 

For any who might be interested in my thoughts on matters relating to the field of biblical and rabbinic literature, theology and the church, as well as the occasional comic, please go to my blog [right here!]. How nice it would be if we could return to the days of “Bibliobloggers” and substantive discussion in debates in the comment sections, eh?

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