Choosing the next President of Wheaton College (IL) 3 an honor.1 Today I received a letter from Wheaton College (the one in IL) from which I received an MA in Biblical and Theological Studies. Dr. Duane Litfin, who became president of the College while I was still a student there, is stepping down as president. The letter asks for my help in identifying someone to replace him.

In your own role as Dean of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University, you understand well the complexities involved in serving as a leader, and you know first-hand the qualifications and character necessary to excel in that job.

So I am open to nominations. Who do you all think I should recommend and why? I am open to any and all suggestions (I prefer actual living persons, but we depending upon the individual we might be able to make an exception).

I will begin with the obvious choices (to make you work a little harder) of Drs. Jim West and Chris Tilling. Now, who else?

  1. To clarify, I do consider it an honor. Seriously. No sarcasm at all. It is a great school and they need a great leader. Perhaps later I will do another post on what kind of leader I think they should seek out. []

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3 thoughts on “Choosing the next President of Wheaton College (IL)

  • Dave

    I also did grad work at Wheaton, and I think it would be great to have a more open type of evangelical as president – someone without ties to dispensationalism, who sees evangelicalism as standing in the great tradition of churchly theological reflection and so is unafraid of tough critical questions and rigorous intellectual pursuit. Maybe someone like Mark Noll? Don’t know if he would do it, but he’s got a great vision.

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