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Ryken interviewed by CT

There is a very good interview with Wheaton College’s new president Philip Ryken on CT online. You can read it all here. A snippet relevant to my earlier comments. What do you think the role of college president will demand from you that being the pastor of a large church didn’t? One of the main things that being a college president will demand from me that being a church pastor does not is a much […]

Phil Ryken named as 8th President of Wheaton College

The news came out this weekend that Dr. Philip Ryken will be the Eighth President of Wheaton College. I met Phil while at Oxford, he arrived a year before we did and left (as I recall) a year before us as well. He is clearly a very intelligent individual and has been very prolific in his writing. Made all the more remarkable since his 30 books have been published while a full time pastor at […]

Choosing the next President of Wheaton College (IL)

What an honor.1 Today I received a letter from Wheaton College (the one in IL) from which I received an MA in Biblical and Theological Studies. Dr. Duane Litfin, who became president of the College while I was still a student there, is stepping down as president. The letter asks for my help in identifying someone to replace him. In your own role as Dean of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University, you […]