Ryken interviewed by CT

There is a very good interview with Wheaton College’s new president Philip Ryken on CT online. You can read it all here. A snippet relevant to my earlier comments.

What do you think the role of college president will demand from you that being the pastor of a large church didn’t?

One of the main things that being a college president will demand from me that being a church pastor does not is a much wider and deeper understanding of higher education than I presently have. Although I’ve been very actively involved in various boards at Wheaton College in the past decade, I have so much to learn about higher education. There certainly will be a learning curve for me to serve at Wheaton. One of the unique challenges of a college presidency is the complex and constant demands from different constituencies of the college. In pastoral ministry, I primarily need to have a listening voice to the congregation; there is a complexity on a college campus of listening clearly to faculty, students, staff, and alumni.

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