True Meaning of Easter in Political Cartoons (and movies)

I ended on a rant, so I added “(and movies)” to the article title. Feel free to skip down to the actual political cartoon.

So MSBNC and political cartoonist have a blog, the aptly named Cartoon Blog. I read it regularly and most Christmases, for example, I do a roundup of such cartoons related to the season. I usually don’t bother at Easter because, well, this is why.


Following the link to the “collection” yields one cartoon. Not a bad one (see below), but just one. Not that I am complaining. I am not sure I would want to see what Oliphant would come up with.

Now, had I wanted to complain, I would rant about Hop with its enduring anthem “I want candy.” I saw that with the kids on Friday and wow! how bad was that?! So many folks liked it I thought it must be fairly innocuous, but other than being a rehash of The Santa Clause (a movie I do enjoy), there was nothing to it. They simply overlaid the Santa storyline (every Santa story line) with Easter.

North Pole = Easter Island ((By the way, I loved the Easter Island reference in the new Doctor Who, he really does look like the statues!)) and Elves = Chicks. They even had an “Easter sleigh.” Gag me with a Reese’s-filled bunny. Appalling, it really was. I suppose one could say I have simply become inured to Christmas dreck and should be equally appalled at Jolly Old St. Nick, but Easter really is different. The death and resurrection of the Savior is so much more than any feeble connection with marshmallow chickens and edible grass. Needless to say, Hop didn’t even try and find a redeeming message.

Now Rio, that is a movie I am looking forward to seeing.

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