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This past month and for the next month or so, I have been teaching a class for The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd called “Characters of God.” It is based upon some reflections I first began back in 2002(!) and have, at times, thought would make a nice book. Emery, the amazing Minister for Engagement & Youth Minister, has put together a lovely site for the class, uploaded the videos to YouTube, and provided the attractive buttons below. Just click on each to go to that class’s video.

In this class Father Christian will lead us in a careful reading of many familiar biblical figures to better understand who they really were and what Scripture is really telling us through their stories. Should Rebecca have helped her son Jacob steal the blessing from his father, even if God did promise that he would rule over his brother? How was David a “man after God’s own heart” when we was a murderer and adulterer? The lives of these biblical figures are real and relatable in ways that we often overlook. Join us for a closer reading of Scripture.

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Watch previous lessons by clicking the icons below.

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