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Using Dropbox for Word Editing on iPad (or, living without Quickoffice and using Pages) 7

UPDATE: Nearly a year later and iOS 8 is out. Lots of changes including some Pages integration with Dropbox. I think it is just a handoff at saving (the finish product, presumably) rather than live saving, but I will have to explore more. As I noted last week Google’s loving update of QuickofficeHD has removed the connectivity with […]

Selecting Dropbox as your app.

Select the file you would like from your Dropbox or other account here.

Using Quickoffice Pro HD with Dropbox on the iPad 14

FINAL UPDATE: For now, using Pages with Dropbox may be the best solution. UPDATE: October 2013. I am late in noticing this but Google (who acquired Quickoffice last year) has announced that they have released a free version of Quickoffice. Sounds good, right? But there is a BIG hitch. It will only support Google drive, no other cloud services. […]

Hebrew, with vowels, on iPad 2

The December (or is it January?) Biblioblog Carnival is up and through it I discovered that Chris Heard had this great post on using Hebrew with vowels on the iPad. Until recently, iPad-using Hebraists had no good options for typing Hebrew with vowels on the aforementioned iPads. Apple provides a Hebrew keyboard for the iPad, but […]

Using the iPad for work and research 5

Last night I gave a presentation at Penn State about how one can use the iPad for school work, whether that is as a student taking notes in class or an academic researcher. There are also two student presentations that are well worth watching (perhaps more than my own presentation). The first, is about how […]

What is “content creation”? The iPad is for content consumption AND creation. 2

REPOST from January. Tomorrow, November 7, 2011, I will be giving a presentation on using the iPad for content creation. Seems fitting to share this again. For my colleagues in biblical and rabbinic literature please bear with me in this post or simply skip towards the end. I found that this discussion led me to […]