Best iPhone clock radio

I have been looking at these various clock radios that have iPod/iPhone docks. I have bought two in the last year and taken them both back. Then, wandering around Wal•Mart, I saw the Griffin AirCurve ($19.99 at W and $14.99 at Amazon). It is designed to amplify the sound of the iPhone’s built in speaker, but it also has a cradle and adapters so that when you put your sync cable in it your phone will be charged as well. Then simply add (the once free now $0.99) NightStand and you have a great bedside clock radio. I used Goop! Plumbers (clear sealant) to glue the cable in (otherwise it would pull out when removing the phone) and I am a well pleased iPhone owner.

Just a thought….

UPDATE: For the holiday season I have posted further suggestions on iPhone and iPod Touch speakers, cases, screen covers, and apps here and here.

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