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More iPhone/iPod Best of: Cases & Covers

This is of course purely subjective. Cases – I have already gone through a few cases. I liked and disliked each for different reasons. My first case was the Griffin Leather Case with EasyDock for iPhone 3G, 3G S (Black,Chrome) This is a very nice looking case, strong and handsome (like moi!). I was very happy with it but I noticed an odd thing. My pictures didn’t look nearly as crisp as those taken by […]

Best iPhone clock radio

I have been looking at these various clock radios that have iPod/iPhone docks. I have bought two in the last year and taken them both back. Then, wandering around Wal•Mart, I saw the Griffin AirCurve ($19.99 at W and $14.99 at Amazon). It is designed to amplify the sound of the iPhone’s built in speaker, but it also has a cradle and adapters so that when you put your sync cable in it your phone will be […]

Dorothy L Sayers – the brutalizing influence of theology (and Stephen Fry and the iPod Touch)

I have oft mentioned that I am a keen fan of DLS and Lord Peter Wimsey. For Christmas in addition to my iPod Touch I received a Best Buy card that I used to purchase the 3 DVD set of the 1987 production of 3 mysteries, starring Edward Petherbridge, Harriet Walter. From Amazon: Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries [The Lord Peter Wimsey-Harriet Vane Collection – Strong Poison / Have His Carcass / Gaudy Night]. E and […]