Testing MarsEdit & The Rapture 6

I am trying to better integrate my workflow and one of the challenges is that I now have several blogs to which I post and sometimes I want the same post on all the blogs (some people only go to one blog. I know! Can you imagine?). MarsEdit is a blog editor that I used […]

Blogging for the sake of…? 4

This post is a reply to an excellent post from a student in our Presidential Leadership Academy, “Metabloging, pt. 2.” Students who are enrolled in this three year program have one continuous assignment, to blog once a week during the fall and spring semesters. The goal, as you will gather from my comments, is to […]

“What makes for a good blog?” The Magician speaks 2

Merlin Mann, yes that apparently is his real name, has posted a nice list of things that make a good blog. I think I hit a majority of these…when I am blogging. What Makes for a Good Blog?  

Real Life 2

Real life is getting in the way of blogging. Perhaps something more this week. I understand the Episcopal Church did some stuff last week. That might be interesting to consider.