The Life of a Blog from Cradle to Maturity (?)

UPDATE: My brother corrected my memory: he is the one who registered the name “pseudonymous.” My first blog attempt was anonymous, but fittingly, I suppose, I can no longer remember the name.

The last session of the “the Blogger and Online Publication” group was a great success. Our chair James McGrath has an excellent summary of the session here.

Rick Brannan and I lead off with presentations about our blogs, his outlining how publication of issues on his blog ultimately led to a book and I engaged in the ultimate internet meme: self-indulgently talking about myself. “The Life of a Blog from Cradle to Maturity” outlined the history of my blog from inception to current state. The audio of my presentation can be heard by clicking on this handy link:

Me Talking About Me and My Stuff

I will eventually put the audio together with the slides, but in the meantime they are below as an image gallery.

I have to say that I was incredibly humbled by the kind comments and encouraging words that so many of you had for my work and what I have shared, particularly about the loss of Mack. Perhaps I might even blog more regularly again and with a bit more focus! (But still expect comics, photographs, and randomness.) And Joe, my feelings are not hurt that I am no longer on your blog roll. Much. 🙂

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