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Once more, what makes a biblioblogger?

Scott Bailey brings up this nagging questionĀ and Jim responds with his usual…rhetoric. I am not going to try and answer the question (by most definitions I might well not be included as one), but I am going to ask, when was it that so many self-defined bibliobloggers became the TMZ or Perez Hilton or the religious world? Perhaps we should have a new category, “The National BiblioEnquirer” for those who post solely about other stories […]

Measuring up

We had a great time last week seeing old friends and family. On Lake Oneida we went to this quaint little old amusement park, Sylvan Beach. Pulled the boat up to the shore, waded on land and right into the park. You can see more pictures of that on flickr. (Sadly, my Sony A100 DSLR appears to be on its last legs. The autofocus motor is making horrendous sounds during start up.)