Postcard from the UK

I am very pleased to say that I awoke this morning at 7:15 am GMT. This is good because I am, in fact, in the UK and jet lag can be a real drag, but I managed to get some sleep on the plane Sunday night and stay up all day yesterday.

Yesterday I met with two old friends, which is always good, but in this case I was also enlisting their help with a new course that will start summer 2012. (Stay tuned!) I also had time to wander around town a bit. Above is the Radcliffe Camera, a library where I spent a fair amount of my time as a doctoral student. I realize the town is nigh on a thousand years old but it always surprises me how much things are the same, even 14 years on. Last night I enjoyed dinner at St. Catz’s high table.

Today I will meet with folks from Mansfield College then on to meet some high school students at an IB school outside of Oxford. Finally…dinner with our students! I will be taking two of our alumni and two of our current students (and PLAers!) out to dinner at The Trout. This used to be a lovely rustic pub along the river in Wolvercote that is now quite posh. Still a great location and I think they will enjoy it.

Location:Oxford, UK

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