Jewishness of Jesus Slides (Podcast now on iTunes U)

I have posted the podcast on iTunes U in our Schreyer Honors College section. You can access it here. For some reason I cannot fathom the podcast will not properly save as an “enhanced podcast,” that is one where the slides can be viewed with the recording. To get around that I have uploaded the slides as PNG files and you can access them by this link or clicking on the image below.

As an aside, for those interested in podcasting lectures, I used a very simple solution: my iPhone. I was going to use a Zoom H4 with a lapel mic, etc. But I did not have time to get the equipment from the office. I remembered that my iPhone 3GS has a Voice Memo feature and simply used a binder clip (sturdy paper clip) to clip the mic to my tie (using the headset that came with the phone, do NOT clip ON the mic, clip the wire just below the mic) and sure as John’s my uncle, I had what I think is a very good quality recording.

Jewishness of Jesus.001

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