Conclusion of the First Annual International Biblical Studies Writing Month

Well it is February 1st and the end of the first International Biblical Studies Writing Month. I am ashamed to say that I have not finished my primary writing goal for IBSWM, but I am close. My project is to put in article form the paper I presented this past summer at IOTS on “The Use of ‘Eschatological Lists’ within the Targumim to the Megillot.” I did, however, write 5 sermons, several reports, and a proposal for a new academic program. So my word count is up, just not in the correct area.

Kudos to all those who participated! In the most recent Biblical Studies Carnival Kevin Edgecomb lists some of the successful contributors:

Bob McDonald, A. K. M. Adam, (Chris Heard (one and two), Airton José da Silva, bzephyr, Tim Bulkeley, Charles Halton (intent and accomplishment), Kevin Wilson, Rick Brannan, Claude Mariottini, and likely some others who’ve slipped through the cracks, whose forgiveness I seek.

Agreed. I am sure others have participated as well and encourage you to drop a note in the comments section and let us know how it has gone.

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