Travel Observations 5

I spent last Saturday and Sunday traveling to Helsinki. Saturday I start the return trip. I have a few observations from my sleepless 24 hours.

  • When using an airplane bathroom always follow a woman. Some men forget to sit while in flight.
  • No matter where you are in the world, if you are in an airport you will see a man in western (“cowboy”) boots.
  • On an overnight flight a baby will cry just as soon as you fall asleep, and again when you have fallen back to sleep, and again when you have fallen…
  • If you have to make a connection in an airport there will be construction that will require a significant detour as you go from one concourse to the other.

I imagine I will have more observations to add after this weekend. Do you have anything to add?


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5 thoughts on “Travel Observations

  • jim

    – if you fly american, you will be delayed on the tarmac while they move a plane away from the gate where you’re supposed to park.

    – on every plane you board, some dimwit will stand in the aisle fiddling with his bag while everyone else is trying to get seated.

    – every flight will have to wait for a young couple- a young couple is always the last to board.

  • Benj

    I find that they always run out of my preferred soft drink or snack right before the beverage cart gets to my aisle.

    As for dudes sitting or standing: at 6’4″, I find it very difficult to regain my feet after sitting in a miniscule airplane bathroom, so I stand when possible.