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NYC in Pictures

This past Sunday and Monday I was in The City with 28 of our students. We had a furious pace, from dim sum in Chinatown to a tour of the Stock Exchange, but it was a tremendous experience for the students. I learned a LOT about the financial world as well. Along the way I took a fair number of photos (641) and I have selected just a few for flickr. Most are focused on […]

Greatest childhood religious fear

I remember learning about the saints and the various grisly means of their demise, including modern saints who died for their faith, and praying that God would give me that kind of strength because I was sure I would never be able to endure such trials. What was your greatest fear, inspired by religion, your parents, or even sermons?  

A JW Vampire?

This cartoon is an image from an ad for a comic (in fact, one that I don’t really read). I have seen the ad numerous times and always thought it was amusing. Which do you think would be harder? For those who cannot see the image the dialogue is simply: “It must be hard to be Catholic and gay.” “It’s easier than being a Jehovah’s Witness and a vampire.”