Greatest childhood religious fear 3


Arlo and Janis by Jimmy Johnson

I remember learning about the saints and the various grisly means of their demise, including modern saints who died for their faith, and praying that God would give me that kind of strength because I was sure I would never be able to endure such trials.

What was your greatest fear, inspired by religion, your parents, or even sermons?


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3 thoughts on “Greatest childhood religious fear

  • Joseph

    I grew up in a conservative, fundamentalist wing of the Churches of Christ. We were right, everyone else was wrong, and we knew it. My greatest fear was that we might be wrong in some crucial area, but living our lives in unorthodox ignorance like those heretical Baptists! Then, one day, I was reading my Bible, and my worst fear came true. I found that we were wrong, about something terribly crucial. It has come to be the most liberating experience of my life. The fear that one must always be right is an oppressive one, for sure.