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New York City Reflections

This weekend we met some good friends in NYC for a little shopping, food, and hockey. We arrived at mid-day for some belated birthday shopping our daughter and while I and the other males (Mack’s best friend and his father) went to Toys R Us, little did we know we could have watched the entire Rangers game at MSG┬áthen gone back and met the ladies before they finished in the one store targeted for devastation […]

NYC in Pictures

This past Sunday and Monday I was in The City with 28 of our students. We had a furious pace, from dim sum in Chinatown to a tour of the Stock Exchange, but it was a tremendous experience for the students. I learned a LOT about the financial world as well. Along the way I took a fair number of photos (641) and I have selected just a few for flickr. Most are focused on […]