H1N1 Eucharist 3

We had a meeting of our local Episcopal clergy which of course meant that I picked up some very funny YouTube links. This one is particularly amusing since we now have orders not to allow intinction.


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3 thoughts on “H1N1 Eucharist

  • Shawn

    I experienced quite the internal conflict with this video.

    As an academic, I construct critiques and satire as often having great value.
    Thus it surprised me how offended I was by this video.

    I suppose my Catholic context and beliefs surrounding the eucharistic prayer are deeply engrained. But watching it a second time, I am still offended.
    What really got me was placing something as mundane as hand sanitizer in replacement of the eucharist and reformulating the institution of the Eucharist around it. Yet I suppose the reaction has taught me how engrained my Catholic views are on this sacrament, but I am still uneasy about the video.