R. Crumb’s sexism, racism, antisemitism, and other -isms.

As immediately recognizable R. Crumb’s work is to me, I cannot say that I know much about him. Apparently, however, his various isms are well documented. I and many other bibliobloggers have been linked by J. K. Gayle at the blog “Aristotle’s Feminist Subject.”

bibliobloggers on Robert Crumb: few mentions of his sexism and racism

Bibliobloggers are talking up a storm about Robert Crumb’s comic book of Genesis.  But none of them has mentioned Crumb’s sexism or his rape portrayal or his antisemitism or his other racism.

Given my ignorance admitted above and the fact that I only just received the book today I had no reason to comment upon any of the various -isms listed by Gayle. As I read the book now, or more accurately view the images, I will take these things into consideration. It of course brings up the age old questions of authorial/artist intent and how much we should allow our (pre)conceptions of the author/artist influence our reading of their work.

So, until I have a chance to really study Crumb’s Book of Genesis, my verdict will just have to wait.

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