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A cartoonist’s view on atheism

I am sure you all are familiar with the comic artist Dan Piraro. At his blog he regularly posts one of his strips with commentary. Today’s entry along with this week’s discussion of Philip Davies’ essay was worthing of sharing. (NB: The links in the text are Piraro’s.) Bizarro is brought to you today by Invisible Superheroes. Let’s talk for a moment about how scary the word“atheist” has become in current-day America. Many people equate […]

Thoughts on SBL Biblioblogging Session

Jim W has posted my thoughts on where the Steering Committee needs to focus our attention over the next year, leading up to the first session in Atlanta. To place this in full context, I have appended the preface I had in my email to the group. I also have some additional comments about recent discussion below. As I read the various objections to the affiliation/formation of this group they are some of the same […]