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Academic crowd sourcing

I write this with the sense that I am in some way cheating, but if David Pogue can write an entire book via Twitter (in which one of my tweets is quoted) then perhaps I can call upon the greater knowledge and wisdom of the biblioblogging world to aid me in some research. This SBL I was asked to present a paper for the Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah section on exile and return. We are, of course, meeting […]

If only there were such a place…

But wouldn’t that be cool? Jesus as Batman? No, not really. Well darn, something silly now has me thinking of why that would just be wrong. Forget I said anything, just indulge in the chuckle. Warning! Don’t go to that comic’s site (The Least I Could Do, have to give them props) if you are offended by sexual humor…. I’m just sayin’ you’ve been warned. (And a bonus comic, with similar warning about the site. […]

On the need to criticize God

John Hobbins has a great post, short but very poignant, reminding us that “believers must complain about and criticize biblical texts.” He rightly points out that it is incumbent upon the faithful to do so. I have written in several places about exactly this with respect to Lamentations. The fact that the poets express their anger with God and their disbelief at their condition, even while confessing their sin, is not a sign of failing […]

Genesis 1 – The image of God

Continuing my series on Genesis 1 I am going to cheat just a little bit. This is something I had written for a silent retreat back many years ago now. Someday it will go into that book I have mentioned before. But this is a slightly different form and it certainly continues my thoughts on Genesis 1 and moves us towards another larger theme I will begin to address as we compare and contrast Genesis […]

The word is the thing

Many thanks to Scott Bailey of Scotteriology who posted “Hermeneutics Video 9.” That is a video in his series posted on YouTube that relate to hermeneutics. #3 is just superb. As Scott notes: “Two words: exegetical fallacy.” And women, remember, when you do your laundry, do it in the love of God because when you do “you can get a harvest.” Scott, where do you find these videos?!