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SBL & Biblioblogging

As many of you all know Jim West has taken the lead to forge an “affiliation” with SBL and is now moving forward with forming a steering committee. Some have responded to these developments with some concern and consternation. Chris Heard is the most outspoken that I have come across and I find myself more than sympathetic to his questions and concerns and have posted my own thoughts here. Still, I prefer to be a […]

Oscar Wilde, Philip Davies, morals, ethics and how we read the Bible

On this date in history I was born. And in 1882 Oscar Wilde was ridiculed in Harper’s Weekly. One of the quotes in the NYTimes’ summary of Wilde’s trip to the US caught my attention. “It is not increased moral sense your literature needs. Indeed we should never talk of a moral or an immoral poem. Poems are either well written or badly written. That is all. A good work aims at the purely artistic […]