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Genesis 1 – Reading in/deductively

Introductory comment to an introductory comment: I am attempting to return to our discussion of the creation narratives of Genesis… (And be sure to follow John Hobbins’ riffs off of my comments. I feel like I am in a jazz duo, it is really very invigorating!) But along the way I have gotten bogged down in more thoughts about how we read the Bible. In this case, how can we read Genesis 1 to learn […]

SBL, Biblioblogging and You

Jim West announced the new status of bibliobloggers vis a vis SBL last week. This led to some reaction by folks like John Hobbins. I have posted a brief comment on Jim’s site, but let me post it here as well with point (3)(2) added. When I read Jim’s announcement I was wondering how it would all work as well. I think it was the lack of details about what this affiliation meant that sparked such […]