Prof. Golb responds in the Chicago Tribune 18

Dead Sea Scrolls scholar responds to son’s arrest — He seems to concede that his son Raphael Golb did as he is accused:

“The fact of the matter is that if I understand it, Raphael was responding to the attacks on me,” the elder Golb said in Saturday’s editions of the newspaper. “I suppose my son felt it was important to get things straight.”


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18 thoughts on “Prof. Golb responds in the Chicago Tribune

  • wabbit

    not necessarily — he was accused of many things including identity theft

    the father may simply have been referring to his son’s blogging activities via pseudonyms.

    • wabbit

      ps. cargill — i really admired your work on “who is charles gadda” — but now that you are accusing me of being joel soemthing occurred to me…

      you are not really THAT GOOD a detective! i just got wind of your tactics! you just blindly lump people together who disagree with you, and accuse them of being golb’s sons!!! or charles gadda, or whatever!
      (as if words that come from golb’s sons are instantly NOT TRUSTWORTHY no matter what they may say, which in itself is a faulty premise, but i digress)

      i mean you had a list of over 80 aliases in the list — how many of those aliases are you actually accusing of being created by Charles Gadda with ZERO PROOF except for the fact that they SEEM to defend the golb theory?
      i mean, if i had appeared a few weeks ago, YOU WOULD DEFINITELY HAVE ADDED MY ID TO THE LIST!! YIKES!!

      u know i just started reading the Brothers Karamazov again, and i keep making zero progress on it, cos this shit is even more interesting!

      seriously, i’ve NEVER had this experience where i’m a total unknown newbie to a given topic, but EVERYTHING i say seem to make people totally upset, no matter how innocent, and I’m already given my own WATCHER….!

      i must say it again: wow.

    • wabbit

      pps. u thought u were being super clever calling yourself JO WATCHER but u didn’t know that exchanging posts with YOU was the ONLY time i had ever called myself both jo and jo wabbit in ALL of my considerable debating *career* online…. lol !! so by calling me jo, when i had only identified myself as wabbit, u might as well have called yourself bob cargill…. roflmao —

    • jo wabbit

      ppps. hi jo watcher (i added “jo” to my ID so u wouldn’t feel like u are staring into a vacant space – ain’t i nice? πŸ™‚

      anyway i just wanted you to know that if you can give me your WORD as a gentleman that you are NOT cargill, the author of WHO IS CHARLES GADDA and you can SWEAR on the bible (if you are a christian, which cargill is, but u might not be if you are not cargill) or koran or whatever your religious belief dictates you to swear on — then i WILL TAKE YOUR WORD for it and BELIEVE you πŸ™‚ !!!

      so let me know!

      for my part, i can give you my word as a gentleman that my real name is neither jo nor joel nor wabbit :> – i can swear on anything you like! and my last name is most certainly NOT golb! yikes!!

      cheers mate!

      jo wabbit

      pppps. but if it makes you happier i can pretend to be joel golb from time to time… let me know ~~ though my impersonation won’t be purrrfect !

  • wabbit


    omg i now have MY OWN WATCHER!!


    it took me a while to figure out what your question was about… cos i actually forgot that i used the name jo before on the other post that was taken down… wow!!!

    and that guy with the italian-sounding name, he took down ALL the comments on his blog just because I showed up (as jo and jo wabbit) and started askign some questions about the theories involved…. !! he took everything down inspite of the fact that he promised me to answer my questions in two weeks….

    my mind is reelign right now — when i was reading about how norman golb was complaining about this “conspiracy”against him, i thought he was just being melodramatic!

    then i simply wanted to see for myself what kind of *conspiracy* there could possibly be — and bam — right away i’m bombarded with this surreal effort to *discredit* and *silence*…

    the paranoia is so strong that as soon as a post that appears to be sympathetic to golb surfaces, u guys jump on it to discredit it as being from his sons right? oh wow….

    this is very exciting — i feel like i just stumbled innocently onto something REALLY like a movie!! i’m ONLY JUST beginning to understand the depth of the conspiracy here, though i was so shocked when all my posts were taken down i even called my overseas friends to tell them… !
    now wait until they get a load of THIS!

    tell me more about who you think i am… !! and why you think so!!

    what do you know about this other son? and his name is joel eh?

    at this point i’m PRETTY SURE that you are CARGILL because he was the only one (other than the italian guy) that i was conversing with as JO WABBIT…

    are you creating a WHO IS JO WABBIT file now? hihihi

    i’m just so honored!! please write me more and try accusing me of other things… it’s soooo entertaining!!

    and here i am a total NEWBIE — but i just had the good fortune to accidentally use the name “Jo” to collect a FAN already… shikes!!!

    Cargill, i really take my hat off to you!

    i look forward to your next comment! (btw, i don’t always use the nick jo or wabbit — i’ve been debating on different issues online for a while and i just tend to invent whatever name that pops in my head that moment — i’ve NEVER really been interested in the DSS until now, but thanks to you, the enmity and drama beats anytihing that i EVER experienced on ANY topic thus far!!! (i even debated fundamentalist muslims so this is saying A LOT!!)

    to tell you the truth, i was kind of losing steam on this thing (i told you i had a short attention span) but you’ve just made this whole thing tons more interesting! πŸ™‚ thanks!! it must be that christian spirit in you eh?

  • forehead

    understand that the golb theory is buttressed by actual archaeological evidences whereas the Essene theory remains a pure theory.

    • wabbit


      The younger golb was arrested because he was suspected of criminally impersonating academics, and NOT because he was against the Essene theory.

      This opportunistic witch-hunting (they actually accused me of being Golb’s other son and seem to be intent on keeping alive the suspicion despite my denials) by the E-theorists against anyone who do not agree with them must stop.

      It’s morally reprehensible.

      ps. jo watcher, i am still waiting for an apology.

    • Chris Brady Post author

      “forehead” I know of no “actual archaeological evidences” that supports Gold’s theory. I would be interested to know what that would be. I do know that Josephus and Pliny describe a community that sounds very similar to the community we find described in the scrolls found at Khirbet Qumran. That is actual textual and archaeological evidence.

  • Steve

    Wow… So Chris, you seem to have quite the, uh… following/readership here.

    If I can drag this further down the rabbit hole (or is it Wabbit hole?)…

    Do these people have nothing better to do than practice ad hominem attacks?

    I tried to follow to see what substantive contribution they made to the discussion. I think I can sum it up like this:

    “I may, or may not, be the person you think I am, or think I am not–oh, and I will keep writing it despite the fact that the other guy hasn’t written back–EVER”

    • wabbit

      Steve –

      Hm – you displayed zero empathy for someone wrongly and maliciously accused of being someone else. That’s extremely interesting.

      Not only that but you tried to keep the suspicion alive (may or may not be blah blah) even though I had denied the allegations in the strongest language possible.

      So essentially, you are calling me a liar — ?
      Hm… Is there a greater ad hominem attack than that?

      I actually did not expect my self appointed *watcher* and accuser to write back, at least not with the same ID but to use a different one to poke fun
      at my long posts.

      I did go overboard with the length, didn’t I? Perhaps I should start blogging about my experiences so it’s more coherent for all.



      ps. Jo Watcher, I’m still ready to accept your word for it, if you can swear to me that you are not Cargill — I’m even willing to extend an apology, if my conjecture had been wrong.

      Likewise, I expect you to accept my word as a gentleman that I am not Joel, and I fully expect an apology.

        • wabbit

          thanks for the info, but I did not mean to imply that.

          I just put in the PS to Jo Watcher because I know that Jo watcher is “watching” me (what else would he do with an ID like that?) and probably reading all my posts here.

          I just completed a post to forehead with the same PS to Jo Watcher, and as you can see I certainly have zero reason to think that forehead is Jo Watcher lol

  • Chris Brady Post author

    To “jo watcher,” “forehead,” and “wabbit”: given that this whole discussion concerning Golb revolves around the fact that he abused aliases I am going to insist that you either use real names or any future comments here will be deleted. I welcome continued discussion of the Golb affair or preferably the origin of the Scrolls, but it must be done in a respectful and open manner.

  • Steve (Brady)

    To Wabbit,

    I want to say, you are correct, mine was, in essence, an ad hominem. Not necessarily an attack but rather simply an observation of the person.

    Honestly, my ad hominem (comment about the person rather than the idea) was born out of necessity. Given that none of the discussion really centered around the content, but rather centered around Wabbit and Watcher I found myself confounded.

    Here’s the conundrum–what would make someone (in this case Wabbit) write nearly a THOUSAND words, in response to a simple NINE.

    Normally, the Shakespeare in me would say the writer “doth protest too much, me thinks.”

    That said, I am a Supply Chain professor. This isn’t my area. I have no dog in this hunt. I just find it interesting that so much time (and so little proper punctuation and capitalization) was spent on NINE WORDS. (Did I mention it was only NINE words? And the response was nearly ONE THOUSAND words? Okay, seriously, 986.)

    But I WOULD encourage you all to take SOME of this energy over to my blog I have with MY son (my honest, real, straight-up, no question about it Son) Matthew. It’s

    Take some of this energy and donate 2 dollars (just 200 pennies) to help him get to water polo camp this summer.

    (Or, if you want, he can design a brand element for you to go along with this thread–perhaps two people wielding scroll fragments in threatening ways, each attempting to cut the other with the text?)

  • Steve (Brady)

    Chris–I agree, in the interest of openness and discussion moving away from ad hominem and into ideas, everyone should post their real names, and not pseudonyms.

    That said, I think you should at least leave what has already been posted. Two reasons. First, it is quite humorous, and second, my posts won’t make much sense if you take away my Wabbit–and I spent a good amount of time working on snarky here!